Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Can't Spell Toronto Without TO

I have mixed emotions about the city of Toronto. I was born there so I like it. Toronto has the Leafs so I dislike it, but it has the Blue Jays and is an overall pretty cool city - so I like it. But Toronto will eventually become the home of the Buffalo Bills... terrible.

It's a pretty valid prediction and everyone seems to agree that the Bills will move out of Buffalo to Toronto. Given the fact that the NFL is business first and sport second, it makes sense, despite promises made by Jim Kelly and co. that they will do whatever it takes to keep the Bills in good old Orchard Park. I like Jim Kelly, he's a nice guy who gave us king size candy bars on Halloween. But Jim Kelly cannot change Buffalo's economy. Side note: A recent tiresome cliche for color commentators working a game involving Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland, or Detroit is to say something similar to "... these tough blue collar fans." It's so true!

Anyway, back to Buffaronto. The potential move debate might pick up steam this season, and may even be fueled by the addition of that guy Mr. Owens 2 months ago.
When I heard about it that fateful night I was skiing in the blue ridge mountains, and i said "shit." When I think about it today, I say "shit." Sure he'll be productive but he's annoying... as shit. And its hard to root for that. He will love Toronto and obviously dislike Buffalo. Let's hope he gets his opinion out on everything so the media blitz can spend countless hours analyzing it while nobody else cares. Then the Bills will quietly pack up and move to Toronto while the TO distraction is in full bloom. And I will say "shit."

Then again, at least they aren't trying to sign Favre who is about to reunretire. Or is it unreretire.


S.A.M. said...

Welcome to your Toronfalo Argonbills.

Nice post, Newbs.

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