Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things of Death

I think everyone has experienced the Blue Screen of Death on a PC. When it happened to my old laptop in '06 I said screw PC and went Mac. I'll sacrifice the performance and extra money for a cleaner operating system and better aesthetics. So far no complaints, except for the Apple Mighty Mouse. I hate that thing. It is a battery killer, it gets dirty fast to the point that it is unusable, and Apple decided to make it impossible to take apart to clean.

Anyways, onto gaming systems. XBOX 360 has what is dubbed the Red Ring Of Death (RROD). Three flashing red lights appear to indicate a hardware failure. Apparently lots of cases of this arose a bit ago, and Microsoft did the right thing and extended the warranty to 3 years. Upon hearing about it, I was glad that I had a Playstation 3 as I had not heard of any such problems for it. Plus Blu-ray beat HD-DVD, and the PS3 has MLB The Show, much to Secret Asian Man's dismay.

Fast forward to this past weekend. It was late Saturday night, and having just watched SNL and Mother Lover, I was still awake. I decided to put on a horribly awesome movie, The Fast and the Furious. About 10 minutes in, my DVD player, the PS3, shut off. When I tried to turn it on, the light went green (normal), then to yellow, then the unit beeped 3 times and the light flashed red. I thought nothing of it and went to sleep.

Next day, I tried turning it on again and had no luck. I looked online, and I discovered the Yellow Light of Death. YLOD. Dagger. The YLOD occurs because of some internal hardware failure, usually from overheating. It would cost me $150 to send to Sony for repair since the warranty had expired... or, I could attempt to fix it myself. I found some videos that showed how to reflow the CPU and GPU, got a heat gun, and FIXED IT. It was rewarding, and of course cost effective.

So if anyone experiences a similar problem, just do it yourself. It's not exactly the same as blowing into the cartridges of Nintendo games, but it wasn't that hard. Just don't blame The Fast and the Furious, no matter how awesomely bad the acting was in that movie. I still can't decide who is worse at his job, Paul Walker or Keanu Reeves.


S.A.M. said...

I'm continually amazed at how bad the baseball game options are for 360. It's beyond horrible. I recognize that baseball game enthusiasts have somewhat gone the way of the dodo bird, but The Show should prove to Microsoft that if you put out a superior product, people will buy it. The 2K series is the pits.

Surprised, but funny to hear about the YLOD. Definitely glad you fixed it on the cheap. Perhaps when 360 finally comes out with an equivalent to the Show, you will make the jumparoo. No RROD, yet. Crossing Fingers.

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